Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Brisbane Trip Part#1

A while back in July, Mom and I took a trip down to Brisbane , Australia to see what that brother of mine has been up to. Rumours were that he was a syndicate leader for trafficking humans, others say he was turning gay and wanted to be the hottest asian drag queen.
Haha ok. sorry, all of the above aren't true. Brian is still Brian, just in a whole new different, very cold environment! I miss my brother, him being so far away makes me feel like I don't really have a tai-ko these days. But Brian's gonna graduated next year and hopefully he comes back home!
Anyways, here are some pictures I took whilst I was shopping in Queensbay Mall, Brisbane.
In Brisbane, you can walk everywhere and anywhere! Good for me, I love walking!!
And the air is so sweet and fresh!
The transportation system is very efficient as well. With buses available every 5-10 minutes, you hardly have to watse much time waiting for the bus! (unlike the RapidKLs here in Malaysia)
Their buses have respective stations and places to stop so they don't disrupt traffic conditions. Which is good because the buses and taxis in Malaysia always simply stop anywhere they want to, causing slow-ups and adding to jams during peak hours!
Anyhoo, look at all the candy I found!!!

They have such weird and unique candies, it's no wonder children go trick-or-treating during HAlloween! In Malaysia, you'd probably get Fizzy Colas and Mentos if you trick-or-treat, so might as well buy from Pasar Malam youself! haha MONSTER GOBSTOPPER!!!! I didn't get it because as interesting as it looks, I wouldn't know how to finish it all by me-self!
SPOOKY EYS and some strawberry OOZER! ooooooh

This is the bridge my brother crosses everyday to get to QUT (Queensland University of Technology) It's real nice walking across it with the cool wind blowing at your face! And right where the bridge ends lays an absolutely beautiful botanical garden! When I say botanic, it really is botanic ok! Got ancient giant trees (the kind in Alice in Wonderland!) and huge birds walking around.

Mom's cooking!!! Loving the curry! Australian food bores me to death. I need spicy hot curry!

At a morning market! They have huge sausages everywhere! But it's pretty oily though. (nothing new, since Msia has plenty of oily stuff)
Strawberries there are real cheap and mega sweeeeet! I can't remember how many boxes I had! haha

Feeding a kangaroo.
There are two main types of kangaroos. This, and the red kangaroo.(no it isn't red in colour, i have no idea why it's called red kangaroo) But let me warn you, red kangaroos bite!! and they have really lan si faces! so don't bother feeding them! (yes,i got bitten by a red kangaroo! :( bummer, magical moment destroyed there)
And I didn't manage to find a kangaroo big enough so I could hop into ints pouch and be whisked away in kangaroo frenzy.
too bad.
oooh! I had a roo burger and it was awesome! But I only like Purple Gorillaz's burgers- big, healthy and juicy with lots of ingredients.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Hey all!

Just got back from College Camp 09.

Am really tired. This morning, I went to sleep with back-aches and woke up with knee pains.

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! It is still hurting now. I feel so old. A young person like me should not have back-aches and knee pains!

Anyways, it's law classes tommorrow and I need to prepare.

I had a great fun time at camp!

Was the assistant games group leader for CIA and we got 4th placing out of 12 teams! Yay!

Well, camp's over for now and it's back to life. I've got loads to do.

It was a great time of refreshing and reflection at camp. (no not that it was quiet but it was a good time away from everything else la)

So, I'm starting my Japanese Intermediate 2 classes this coming wed and Skytrex is up this Sat!

Until then, toodles!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

busy thinking...

I've been thinking of taking the JLPT exams-
The Nihongo Nouryoku Shiken, or Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), is a widely-recognized test certifying the taker's Japanese language ability.
Should I? I want to! Yes, I've been attending Japanese language classes for the past one month at ICLS, InterCultural Language School at Damansara Uptown. And it's been awesome!!
I mean, eventhough classes can be tiring and mentally draining at times, (probably cause its 4 hours of hard concentration work, speaking and application skills.) its actually enjoyable and interesting. And I find myself wanting to learn more about the language and the culture.
My course was an intensive one that covers 3 levels -Beginners 1, Beginners 2 and Intermediate 1 which I did in 25 days (5 weeks). Well, thats all over now that I just graduated on friday with a pretty cert that came with a grade A. yay!!!
I'm hoping my dad lets me continue with Intermediate 2. My plan is to study for the JLPT in December. Taking Level 4 JLPT means I would have to learn 100 kanji characters though.
Funny that I am learning chinese characters thought Japanese! But oh well!
Btw I am taking Mandarin classes too at ILCS. But it's pretty boring. :( Why isn't mandarin interesting? hmmmph
College starts next week! I'm actually looking forward to Japanese classes more than law classes!
Anyhow, it feels great being able to study. At least I won't feel so dumb anymore.

Here's a great link to help with JLPT preparations :

Today was not funny

I was on my way to 1utama to catch GI Joe when all of a sudden, without any warning, the slight pain in my tummy turned into excruciating agony. I cursed the pain and told it to go away. But to no avail, since I ended up in the public toilet.
I was in utmost confusion prior to having my period, and could not bring myself to fathom what was going on. First the knots in my tummy decided to tighten up impromptu and kill me. But at the same time, I felt a strong urge to release my bowels. So I did, but the shit didn't want to come out! Grrr. But at the same time, I suddenly had a sick feeling in my gut and wanted to vomit. And the cramp only fought harder to compete for my attention.
That was it, I couldn't numb myself and try to act strong anymore. In the throes of nearing-death, I let out a cry of distress. What kind of person can handle stomach cramps, constipation, dehydration, and the sick vomit-ty feeling at the same time?
All I could think of was myself at that time. All I wanted to do was to go home, eventhough my mom already bought us tickets for the movie. I coudn't care lest with the abominable pain nagging in me.
At that fleeting moment...
I thought how horrible labour pain was and that I didn't want to put myself through all that.
I wondered how wounded soldiers at war could care for the lives of their fellow comrades when they themselves are in agonizing pain.
I wondered if high-powered CEO women had to take leave when the suffer severe cramps, and miss important business meetings.
And I foolishly thought death would be an easy way out.
The things you think about when you're in pain...
I cried out to God to pause whatever pain or shit or vomit that was going to come out until I got home. Thank you God!
Mom was of great aid despite my loud wailing- giving me a heated-pillow, painkillers and warm water. The heat from the thick padding numbed the cramps. At ease, I closed my eyes and sat on the toilet until I almost fell asleep. (Yes, that's how long I sat there!)
What a horribly horrible episode of my life! It's the first time this has happened. I don't usually get severe cramps, just slight ones that I ignore until it subsidizes. I learnt a new word today: Dysmenorrhea- painful menstruation. I never thought it would happen to me cause my usual symtoms are lethargy and crying spells. ( better to be emotionally affected than to have severe physical pains!)
Why am I blogging about this? Well, this is a pivotal experience in my bloody life. I realise how ignorant I am to my own body; I know so little about how my hormones or my lifestyle can affect my body when its that time of the month. Most girls usually just accept it as it comes and goes.
But I've decided, enough is enough! I am going to look after my body and make sure I eat the right things so that in the next 28 days, there will be no PMS symtoms to take charge of my body. I will not let some severe cramp ruin my day! I am going to fight against the mentality of passively accepting cirmcumstances I should never accept. ( no of course I'm going to bleed, but I'm going to control the symtoms that come before and during the bleeding.)
Women should empower themselves with the right knowlegde and attitude to free themselves of this bondage.
So begins my war with PMS.
I will make sure I win!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Young Things at my Place

or at my crib, as Jaclyn calls it! aha

Never in the longest time have I had soooo many young things all gathered in my house at the same time!!!!!

I say young things because their IC probably carries a birthdate year far from mine, and their raging hormones are about as young as the are. aha
TO say that I didn't feel the least old would be lying. I was like the oldest girl among all the girls there. It didn't help that I was the host cause I had to run around making sure the food was ready and etc. But I had a great time hosting these girls!! And being with such young sweet things did bring out the kid in me! aha

Ok, maybe they weren't all sweet. Nooo some,ok maybe not some, most of the are pretty noisy creatures! I learnt after the paintball fight that they can be pretty aggresive and energetic too!! It s like they never seen water balloons before! aha

Ok so here's a rough account of how the slumber party went:

We were supposed to start at 12pm but the girls are typical we started at about 145pm? i think.
Theme is LOVE.

Once all the girls came, we started on games!!! If you're cute like me, you get to be a Squirrel and run away to the shelter of Trees when the Hunter comes! That's the game we played la.

We decided to give ourselves titles as well, with the condition that it has to start with the same alphabet as your name!
Then there was Anti-social Amy, Entertaining Eunice, Jiggly Junee, Most-awesome Melissa (cheating wan), Pretty Phebe, Jumping Jedida, Exciting Eugenia, Doodle Daphne(ryhmes with noodle), Terrific Tiffany, Happy Huei Minn, and ? Bernice ? haha i forgot

oh and Gorgeous Gloria of course.

Instead of the typical girls-baking session, I turned it into a Kuih-making session.
How much more local can you get right?
We made Abok-Abok (sago-gula melaka wrapped in banan leaf), Kuih Keria (mini sugared donuts) and Lepat Pisang.
Mashed up bananas and tapiocas and chunks of gula melaka.
Girls like Bernice and Melissa got to whip out their muscles!! haha
I absolutely love kuih btw so it was a big treat to be able to make plenty and eat plenty of it!!

Then it was Treasure Hunting around my entire neighbourhood. Girl's hands and legs were tied up to each other in groups of three.
Team blue, yellow and red.

Wet wet purple water baloons. The girls unleashed their fury upon one another with love from water baloons. so so loving...

After which we terminated our hunger with Domino's Pizza and drank up SeaMasters!

We then joined the HF and sang to a little Praise and Worship.
bath bath clean clean.
Mean Girls! (because the girls can't get enough of mean)
Jaclyn and Melissa had to leave. :( all the best in exams!
Then I enticed everyone into an intellectual game of numbers and mercifully punished the blur with pretty fashionable items to wear!
Ask Amy, she had a pretty great makeover! (cool sunglasses with a shower cap in her oversized MU t-shirt!!!) :)
*Tiffany has pictures!
Tiffany and Huei Minn had to leave.
Then the girls called for an urgent Midnight Ice-cream meeting. So I made sure everyone was fattened-up with chocolate,yam and vanilla ice-creams!
Had a Love-note writing sessions in which we all wrote a Love Note. The Love Notes were put into a bag to be exchanged the next morning!
After which, I decided to cheer them up with some Bring It On part4.
Watched all the way till 230am.
Cheered until I fell asleep.haha
All 9 of the girls managed to fit into the room somehow.
Me? I retreated to the comforts of my own bed! ahaha

Next morning...
Wakey wakey brush brush.
Fluffy bunny pancakes(Gloria's once-in-a-lifetime specialty) with ice cream(again) and Fresh Toast(courtesy of Eugenia and JEdida) and Milo Ice with icecream(again) for breakfast!

Girls decided to walk to the park and play. so we went on the swings and see-saw and they made me use the tube slide!!! *I cannot slide in it ok. more like pushing my way out tot he bottom of the slide!

Watched Star Dust and the girls left onebyone...

it think was somewhat tiring hosting a slumber party because after it all ended, I just wanted to sleep! aha
But I had fun!
Hope you girls did too!!

Next up, Paintball and sunway lagoon!! :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

What a Bummer!!!

When i say 'bum', what do you think of?
For the avid shopper, it means more to shop for B.U.Ms
For the sexually obnoxious pervert, a clear image of a two-cheeked flesh with a line in the middle may appear.
For the random dreamer, perhaps a baboon's butt?
or the for the hopelessly romantic, a baboon turns into a charming price when you kiss its bum!
(aha I'm sure most of you are thinking of the dumb baboon in one of CArtoon Network's indispensable cartoons -'I am Weasel'
if you're bumming around like me,
you know it somehow either categorises you or fits into your current activties these days.
These days,
when people ask me what I'm doing,
I say, 'I'm studying...the art of bumming!'
which is true...
I really am studying.
Speaking of which I'm already at chapter 2:
Learning how to draw a Bum.
Now what bum were you thinking of?
I was learning how to draw myself of course!!
'Bum' is a rather ambigous word, don't you think?

Monday, April 27, 2009

PAROIMIA - The Crazy Weekend

Here are a couple of pictures taken during the crazy weekend! We did 4 shows within 3 days! Crazy huh. The make-up artists-Regina, Cheryl and I

Red Blood Army!

Pearly and I :)
Paul and I
The powerful Gs!
Gloria Chan & Gloria Chieng :)
Never in the world has there been such powerful forces of Glorias.
Thank you Katrina, Raymond and Jon for coming again!
And also, thank you Siew Kuan, Susan, Elise, Shaun Quah, Hsien Loong, Ezekiel, CC, Jovita, Bryan Chow, Joe Fendy, Gillian, Alex, Chee Kong, Wai Yan, Cha Yee and Mei Shin for making it!
(CC, I'm so proud you sobered up and came!!! :)
I'm sorry I couldn't meet up with some of you!
(sorry waiyan i missed you!!!will give you a very big fat hug next time!)
The wonderful Julie, sweet sweet Tammie and I :)

Summer trying to be an evil green, but it's not working.

Jerica, Gloria, The Crimson Knight-Mark Poh and Su Yin

Paroimia was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me! Never have I seen so much talent and hardwork all in one place-drawn to the center of God's love and grace. For now, I'm glad it's over; fell sick on the last day of performance so it's a good thing that I get to rest! (am getting better) But I'm definately gonna miss all the friendly faces, the bonding sessions, the funny moments back-stage, posing for millions of pictures, and the andrenalin rush I get whenever we rush out to do the Red Blood Army dance!

A big thank you to everyone who helped out for PAROIMIA! To the ushers, props management team, lightings team, actors, dancers, make-up artists, follow-up team, producers, each of you played a part in making PAROIMIA a success.

And the biggest thank you goes to God, for giving us all the wonderful privilege to be part of something so huge and live-changing!

For most of us, it's only the beginning of greater things to come! I'm excited! :)